Monday, June 26, 2017


New from our friends at European Film Star Postcards: ROBERT MITCHUM (click on the photo to see an Italian postcard).

At Il Cinema Ritrovato, Robert Mitchum (1917–1997) is the subject of the section Two Faces of Robert Mitchum. The American actor is one of the icons of Hollywood thanks to his roles as tough guys, loners and drifters in many War films, Westerns and such classic Film Noirs as Out of the Past (1947) and His Kind of Woman (1952). His facade of cool, sleepy-eyed indifference proved highly attractive to both men and women. Mitchum portrayed two of the scariest screen villains ever: the psychotic evangelist Reverend Harry Powell in Night of the Hunter (1955) and cruel rapist Max Cady in the original Cape Fear (1962). READ AND SEE MUCH MORE HERE

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  1. Loved him in RACHEL AND THE STRANGER with William Holden.