Saturday, March 25, 2017


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Noting the 100th anniversary of the U.S.A. entering World War One a.k.a. THE GREAT WAR (APRIL 6, 1917)--French Alpha Jets will fly in the area TODAY 3/25 to commemorate this event--they will be conducting a flyover from the north down the Hudson River to just south of the Statue of Liberty with trailing red, white, and blue smoke. They will make a second pass from south to north back up the river in Manhattan--approximately noon and weather permitting of course.

You may also enjoy the index to Croton's series on the centenary of World War I which includes Croton articles and photos, assorted general memorabilia and more; click on the link:

CLICK ON THE PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CROTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY --this is part of a series of paintings ENTITLED THE AMERICAN SOLDIER  and concludes in 1965--see the paintings/prints here

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  1. This was great. Saw the around 12 at the Peekskill waterfront.