Friday, June 3, 2016


As a graduate of CHHS and a former basketball player I have volunteered in the program for many years. The program headed by outgoing head coach Bill Thom with Don Daubney as his jv coach is well known and respected in basketball circles in the county. I have volunteered in this program now for over 30 years and spent the last 17 years working as a volunteer with the jv team and Don Daubney.

I am writing now after reading the letter recently sent to parents by the school district. It was signed by Bill Thom and the new Athletic Director Tom Cunningham regarding the play up of students two levels.  The new policy was revised during the time that Susan Dullea was the Athletic Director.The new policy should have been given in writing to all coaches this year at the start of each season. At the start of the basketball season, Coach Daubney was only told by Bill Thom that he could bring up 2 eighth graders as long as they met all approvals which included the school physician; the parents; and the athletic director, who gave approval for them to play at this level.The two boys brought up were without question qualified to play on the jv team.

I am pleased to see that the letter does acknowledge that errors were made by the athletic department but should that error cause Don or any other coach who unknowingly violated this policy to lose their jobs? I think not. Also it seems that only Coach Daubney is being singled out here. Coach Daubney would not knowingly violate any policy that could result in his dismissal. I have to ask who brought this to Dr Fuhrman's attention and why at the end of the season and not in November when it could've been corrected? I think I am more than qualified to say that Coach Daubney has always had the interest of the students and the program first. I stand beside Coach Daubney at practice almost every day and have never seen him act in an unprofessional manner. He has never been a part of this program for any self serving reasons and has given his heart and soul to the basketball program and his players throughout the years. The school should be honoring Coach Daubney, rather than chastising him. I hope the school board will do the right thing and as the online petition says, bring back Coach Daubney.

Gary Dyckman


  1. I'm glad you were able to get to put this online. It's excellent but in my opinion, the school district board and Mr. Fuhrman will remain committed. A really sad day for Croton.

  2. Do we know if anyone from the school has contacted Don since all these letters?