Friday, March 11, 2016


The following letter appeared in this week’s Gazette from resident Doris Daubney:

To the Editor: Maria Slippen isn’t the only one who’s flabbergasted. I’m sure many Croton residents were as shocked as I was by her letter in last week’s Gazette, falsely accusing Deputy Mayor Bob Anderson and Croton United of politicizing the replacement of the Rescue 18 truck. READ MORE HERE


  1. I thought some of those letters were so strange, bitter and angry week after week after week. That guy Dunn put it right in his letter to the paper this week: "hell hath no fury like a democrat whose agenda has been scorned" (by the voters last November)!

    1. That was a great letter and so true. Linda

  2. Gobsmacked! Isn't this the same woman who said on tape that citizen participation was excessive!!!!!!!!!!!!