Thursday, July 23, 2015


A letter writer in today's Gazette claims that it was Trustee Maria Slippen who spearheaded the idea to videotape work sessions. Once again for the record: Here are the facts, backed up, of course, by the proverbial tape.


3/26/15 - LET THE SUNSHINE IN! CROTON UNITED SCORES YET ANOTHER SUCCESS ON OPEN GOVERNMENT; BOARD WILL NOW VIDEOTAPE WORK SESSIONS after their initial refusal to even discuss the subject--read more here 

4/10/15 - GAZETTE, BOB ANDERSON- I recently returned from a trip and caught up on my reading.  I was quite surprised by Ms. Slippen’s letter to the residents of Croton regarding improvements to the village work sessions.  Her spin seems to indicate that the village board had an epiphany regarding how to improve the sessions. 

What she failed to mention in her letter was that members of Croton United had asked numerous times why the sessions were not videotaped. The answer was that it was too expensive ($150 per session), and logistically difficult. It was not until...READ MORE HERE


  1. Thank you for this. I will do everything I can to make sure people know this. I just don't even know what to say anymore.

  2. Here's another example of the wrong person getting credit for work they didn't do. Dr. Greg Schmidt worked tirelessly to complete the Croton Landing project during his last year as mayor. Within weeks after he lost his mayoral campaign to Leo Wiegman, Leo opened Croton Landing but never gave any credit to Greg for the accomplishment or asked Greg to make any comments although Greg was in attendance. I know because I was there and know how proud Greg was that the park was finally open due to his efforts. Greg was especially proud of a large nautical hawser that he recommended to surround the flagpole at the park's entrance. The hawser was removed later by Mayor Wiegmen.

  3. I know what to say: SAD! This reminds me when the mayor was given "credit" for the replacement by Con Ed of the telephone poles because of his "efforts to strengthen the grid". LOL! Yeah that's right. But all kidding aside, enough of this revisionist history!

  4. Sad. Right. True.

  5. Thank you. You would have really had to be NOT paying attention to believe the spin in that letter. Thanks Croton United for getting the meetings videotaped and thanks to Bob A for setting the record straight. Tom