Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Yes, it's true. We miss the old five and dime stores--and never more so than at Christmas.

While we here in the Northeast often think Woolworth's, our readers just as often tell us about S.S. Kresge Stores out in the Midwest.....

Kresge’s original stores sold a wide selection of goods for 10 cents or less. Later stores included items for a price up to one dollar, and after World War II the company expanded into large discount stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

You can read more Kresge history here: our recent haul of vintage magazines from the Peekskill Attic Treasures Flea Market -- held on Sundays from 9 am more or less to late afternoon depending on the weather --  were quite a few full page Christmas ads for the stores, something we had never seen before!

Of course, we have to share. All of these are from the early 1920's.

Click on the photos and enjoy this slice of by-gone Americana.

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  1. We had relatives in Detroit and one year went to visit them at Christmas. We spent the afternoon at Kresge's and then ate at a Polish restaurant that night. We had one of the best meals ever.

    Really neat ads by the way. We used to get two or three "big" presents under the tree, things in a stocking, but there was also candy on the tree for the taking but not before Christmas Eve.

    1. Poor Detroit. I went there about 8 or 9 years ago on business and vowed never to return. What a pit.

  2. I had an aunt who would not leave no matter what. When she passed away, the house sat on the market for four years before the family finally sold it for next to nothing.