Monday, February 2, 2015


Today we bring you two more photos from Linda's 2014 Dept. 56 North Pole Christmas village--this year's theme was Santa Claus and the tree is filled with Santa ornaments. As a good friend says, yowza!

Click on the photos, which also feature a wonderful 1906 Ladies' fashion plate and enjoy! More coming.

A trio of later, very small made in Japan "brick" printed putz houses, see them here

And now the latest from Rob and Monica--how do they do it! We're especially fond of all the vintage greeting cards and an amazing old house that just cries out for putzifying! You'll see what we mean; click on the link

Blumchen's Valentine Shop is open--if you look at nothing else, check out the heirloom quality Fancy/Novelty cards

TinToyArcade--they make repros and vintage inspired toys--is having a sale.

We've gotten a few modestly priced items from them and have been happy so far--check it out

Love looking at this one again: Howard's interpretation of a 2009 vintage made in Japan house of the month from Papated’s site—here it is lit—and unlit—keep scrolling down the page once you click on the link:

And from Retro renovation, the Snickers Brady Bunch commercial. Pretty funny.

Want more vintage? Go here


  1. Your blog is so beautiful. I always come here for the pix first. Thanks for helping me feel right at home with my own vintage holiday obsessions.

  2. OMG LINDA, you really outdid yourself this year. You and Maria with all these theme tree. You're an inspiration! Carolyn P

  3. That is one incredible village. I like how you wrapped up the tree trunk.

  4. Thank you, Maria! I am glad you liked the cards. We love your blog! (Rob)