Monday, February 23, 2015


In August of 2014, photos of a new "structure"/chicken coop on the Gouveia/Something Good in The World site were sent to the village manager. The village manager responded as follows on August 18, 2014, with copies to the then board, verbatim: 

"Thank you for your email and photos regarding structures on the Gouveia property.  Not sure what the structure are for, but the Village will be ordering to be taken down or have the property owner apply for a zoning variance.   The Village has no record of an application being filed to build such structure. Representatives of the Gouveia Estate and Something good in the world will be contacted accordingly." 

UPDATED FEBRUARY 2015: Pursuant to a foil request from me dated February 19th, 2015, I requested--among other things--a copy of the village order of removal since the coop is still on the property but now with an electric fence. Photos of the coop with the fence had been posted on SGITW's fb page; a copy was sent to the village manager. The manager indicated that "at this time" the property was still "private property".

In response to my foil request for the village's order seeking removal of the chicken coop/structure, I was instead sent a December 12, 2014 letter sent to the executor of the Gouveia estate by the village, as well as the executor's response. This was not a copy of the order for the removal of the structure as had been requested in my 2/19/15 foil but instead a request by the village for a meeting to discuss the coop and other zoning issues.

As I did not ask for a letter to the estate requesting a meeting, I once again asked for a copy of the village's order to remove the structure as outlined in the village manager's email of August 18, 2014. 

In a further response dated today 2/23/14, the village stated "No documents exist" nor has SGITW/Gouveia estate applied for the necessary permits or variances; the village has issued no violations.

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