Sunday, February 22, 2015


A few days ago we were contacted by the daughter (Sharon Allbright) of former Croton resident, Gene Cavanaugh. She said: "Just a note to let those who remember my father, Gene Cavanaugh, he died on 2/20/2015 @ the age of 93. He wanted to spend his last months in Croton, having lived in AZ for 30 yrs."

A notice of Mr. Cavanaugh's passing has now been made at the Edward F. Carter Funeral Home (Croton) website. UPDATED: OBITUARY NOW ONLINE--don't know how long the link will last.  Click here.

By sheer coincidence, we had just posted a wartime letter back home from Mr. Cavanaugh when Ms. Allbright contacted Everything Croton. Click on the photo.

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  1. Have received the following additional information:
    I am Marie Cavanagh Munroe-Sharon's sister. My Dad was always proud of his service with the 101st Airborne and remained active in the 101st Association for most of his adult life-frequently returning to Holland. The obituary should be on the Carter site in a few days. Like his father he was employed by NY Central/Penn Central RR and Metro North as a brakeman/conductor until his retirement.