Saturday, October 18, 2014


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Yes--we admit it--we grew up on Guy Lombardo @ New Year's Eve. From Wikipedia: Guy Lombardo is best known for almost a half-century of New Year's Eve big band remotes, first on radio, and then on television. Lombardo's orchestra played at the "Roosevelt Grill" in the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City from 1929 to 1959, and their New Year's Eve performances (which continued with Lombardo until 1976 at the Waldorf Astoria). Broadcasts (and later telecasts) of their performances were a major part of New Year's celebrations across North America; millions of people watched the show with friends at house parties. Because of this popularity, Lombardo was ascribed the moniker, "Mr. New Year's Eve."

Here he is with Mr. & Mrs. Robert White of Croton from 1972--as producer of the Jones Beach Marine Theatre's "The King & I ". Click on the photo, courtesy of The Croton Historical Society.

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  1. I knew I was grown up when I was allowed to stay up until midnight and watch this show. One year I did not make it but the next I did. I remember my mother and father kissing in the kitchen to Auld Lang Syne while my brother I banged pots and pans out the window. We also had these little pop bottles that you snapped, they made a bang, and exploded confetti all over the room.