Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Welcome to Everything Croton, a collection of all things Croton--our history, our homes, our issues, our businesses, our schools --in short, EVERYTHING CROTON. 

And just to remind you that summer doesn't last forever--which is just fine for some of us--and courtesy of the outstanding archives maintained by the volunteers of The Croton Historical Society--THE 1960 ICE SKATING RACES @ CROTON'S DUCK POND. Click on the photos below. Here's hoping there will be skating this coming winter.


  1. Thank you historical society volunteers for all you do, Linda

  2. Last year there were at least five times when the pond was skatable but the village didn't remove the flag or do anything with the site to ready it for skating. It's a low priority in the face of agenda driven, career building projects like the ridiculous Croton Point Avenue Project and the Gouvea property. Hey does anyone remember these promises:

    Swimming at Black Rock! The village even did a consultant study. No swimming today!

    The bandshell on the waterfront! We would rival Caramoor! No bandshell today, just flooding.

    The tourist ferries! Nuff said.

    The railroad ties that would be lifted out of the bay by army helicopter and deposited in Metro Enviro, while the permit was in dispute!

    Let's hope the village gets it together this year if the weather is cold enough.

    I won't hold my breath. You shouldn't either.

    1. I noticed that too. Our staff and officials need to stay focused on Croton so that the next generation can enjoy our village as much as we did.

  3. Doc was nevet in an office. He was at the duck pond in playground omn the ballfields wherever the kids were. He knew us and we knew him
    There is no one like that running the recreation department today and hasn't been since!