Sunday, July 6, 2014


1940 Raleigh Gas Company Window
Two vintage Christmas windows today--and a 1912 Edison display window--click on the photos! We're kind of partial to the 1940 appliances in photo number 1.

And...Die-hard vintage and antique Christmas collectors know that with July 4th behind's time to think...Christmas in July....out come those little repairs we're going to make NOW--yes we're dreaming of trains and putz villages and making plans for the best vintage displays ever--though how Antoinette Stockenberg is going to top last year's Christmas mantle putz will be quite the challenge! See her 2013 display again here

Now getting back to repairs--check out what Blumchen has to offer--tails for those vintage glass birds--new ornament caps and more: glass ornament supplies are here - and spun glass supplies are here

And because we just can't get enough vintage "space": One wouldn't expect a company called 'Multiple Plastics Corporation' to be known for tin-litho and to be sure MPC was definitely not a leader in tin-litho toy production. They did however produce several nice tin-litho buildings that were included in some of their playsets like this Space Control Command HQ building included in their U.S. Air Force Space Control Command playset.

Howard's copy of a vintage made in Japan putz candy house is really moving along--click on the link and keep scrolling down the page once you get there

The July 4th saling adventures of Rob and Monica--click on the link

A fabulous 1926 Lionel Crane Car - click on the link - in really amazing condition - enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the supply links. I found a bunch of vintage Christmas bulbs that have lost their caps. The person was using pipe cleaners shoved inside for hanging. I want to restore them completely. They're fancy indents.