Friday, November 16, 2012

PEDAL POWER!!!!!!!!!!

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Recently a neighbor bought his son one of those battery operated “toy” riding cars—and while we had to admit that it looked like fun until the battery died, we couldn’t help but remember fondly those “pedal cars” we had as kids—and the soap box racers a few of us were lucky enough to build with our Dad…they never needed battery power, only kid power instead.

And so for your viewing pleasure: check out this 1960’s Jet Sweep AMF pedal car being offered at “& Antiques”—click on the photos--a fully restored car today can go for upwards of a thousand dollars at auction and a recent one being offered in Tarrytown in similar condition to the photo (but it was in white), fetched a hundred's followed by more "pedal power" pix. 

Repro pedal car


  1. Thanks for the memories. My Dad built mine. I came in third out of a field of 25 and was happy about it. Got a five dollar prize, a green ribbon and took my Dad for grilled cheese and cherry cokes.

  2. Our son, Steve, ran a home built racing car in one of the races held on the hill going past ShopRite. He used baby carriage wheels attached to a wooden frame and a rope attached to the front wheels to steer. He lost but he did win several prizes for winning the pine box derby and the best looking pine box (balsa wood) racing car (an 8" car that ran down a ramp of about 6-8 feet. Lot's of fun memories. Hope others get a chance to join the Cubs and share the fun.