Monday, November 26, 2012


Check out this American Skyline building by Elgo, courtesy of Tom H. He says it is the only American Skyline set he has ever seen or had--and though it isn't as big as it should be (no doubt pieces missing), you can still make something similar to what was intended.  These would have been compatible with the "O" gauge scale for model railroads.  It is a dense white acetate type plastic and although it hasn't warped, it has shrunk very slightly but can still be assembled. Click on the photos. This would make a fabulous putz!

And from Toys and Stuff, the M5 Skyline Scarsdale home

Silvercrow Creations has added LOTS of new Christmas/Winter items; click on the link; keep scrolling down the page; they even have vintage lametta tinsel

OUTSTANDING vintage Macy's Thanksgiving parade photos--1930's through 1960's; KEEP SCROLLING DOWN THE PAGE ONCE YOU CLICK ON THE LINK

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