Friday, March 16, 2012


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The following letter appears in the 3/15/12 edition of THE GAZETTE. It is in response to a handful of recent letters both in print and on a political internet site that characterize our village in the ugliest of ways. Please take the time to read: AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE HARMON BUSINESS COMMUNITY

To the Editor:  There has been a lot of conversation lately about the Harmon Business District. Some of the comments made seem to unfairly disparage and mischaracterize Harmon, the business district we call home. We feel this is unwarranted and quite disheartening. The Harmon business community is especially disturbed by those using personal misfortune, such as the fire at our neighbor, Anton, to advance a political position.

Harmon is not a district of abandoned buildings, nor is it one that is ‘dilapidated’ or ‘unsightly’.

Harmon is one of Croton’s busiest commercial districts, likely due to the wide range of goods and services offered. It draws a significant amount of business traffic from outside the village, something that an ’unsightly’ or ‘abandoned’ area couldn’t possibly do. It is home to some of Croton’s longest-standing businesses. Harmon is the only district in Croton that’s produced three new businesses over the last 15 months. It is home to several service stations and an auto body shop-- the essential services they provide need no explanation. Most importantly, we are all proud to call each other neighbors, and to support each other in our various ventures. 

Your Harmon Business Community:  Jim Foley, Gulf; Jose Marin, Citgo; Esther Choe, Perfect 10 Nails; Abby Ratohandi, Dairy-Mart; Robert Armanini, Feed the Birds; Cynthia Eldredge, COH Veterinary Clinic; Roseann Schuyler, Kitson & Schuyler, LLP; Katie, Coco Nails & Spa; Robert Anfiteatro, Atro Collision Center Inc.; Andrew Cartella, LaMonica’s Salumeria; Gina Deleo, Croton Florist; Carmen, Carmen’s Unisex; Mayra V. Caguano, Mexigo; Frank Merano, Sonny Abbott’s 


  1. God bless you all. I suggest the next time one of these characters comes in to buy gas, get a car fixed, a cup of coffee, a haircut, or something to eat, (if you can pick them out, lol!), you all just show them the door.

  2. What a shame that our business community has found it necessary to defend themselves against such elitist fools. My God, this re-zoning nightmare has really done some heavy duty damage here.

  3. When we're in court again, and believe me if this keeps up the least of our problems will be the Article 78, I'm going to sit back and pray that the next time some fool "has a dream", he keeps it to himself instead.