Thursday, March 8, 2012


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THE GAZETTE, WEEK OF MARCH 8 - 12, 2012; HIGHLIGHTS ONLY; THE ARTICLE IS ON PAGE 4 AND 5 (NOT PAGE 6 AS ERRONEOUSLY PRINTED IN THE PAPER); it is important that you read the entire article:
--C-H businessman Mark Franzoso wasn't happy Monday night as he complained to village trustees about the recent elimination of on-street parking in front of his home improvement showroom on Croton Pt. Avenue
--In January the villager manager directed a change in the village code that prohibits all time limited parking along Croton Pt. Avenue's north side; it was implemented in late Feb.
--Said Franzoso: "In good conscience, how could you do that?...I can't live without parking in front of my shop."
-- The change is said to be required under the $2.5 million proposal to upgrade Croton Pt. Ave. and the connecting portion of South Riverside north to Benedict Blvd. (PLS NOTE: THE VILLAGE SHARE FOR THIS GRANT HAS BEEN REPORTED TO BE ANYWHERE FROM $325,000 TO A HALF MILLION THAT WE MUST PUT UP; as of August 2013, it is more than a million).
--Early last month the trustees listened as John Perillo, owner of the small retail building at 43 Croton Pt. Ave (formerly Jean Jacques) asked that Croton not eliminate the parking as he said another higher end retail food shop was soon planning to open.
--Mr. Weigman said the elimination of the parking was per the DOT (Dept. of Transportation). Tell the DOT to take a hike, said Trustee Schmidt.
--Mr. Franzoso said he has retained an attorney to represent him on the parking issue.
THERE IS MUCH MORE TO THIS ARTICLE; again please pick up a copy of THE GAZETTE, sold just about everywhere in the village. You can also read the comments of Ginny Calcutti in the same article regarding more problems with the farmers market, Zeytinia's loss of income, etc.


  1. And these are the people who are going to help expand our commercial base, by possibly destroying what we have currently. Way to go Leo and company!

  2. They'll get the message by next week.

  3. Oh and thank you Mark. These people needed to hear from a real business person not the pretend one they have.

  4. Mark's comments were right on the money. I too feel that there is something more going on with this Croton Point avenue project. Time will tell.

  5. Kevin Davis offers an independent voice to the Croton Board of Trustees, and new ideas and energy for Croton.

    Go Kevin Davis Go!