Tuesday, July 11, 2017


A reader writes: "Do you know if there are any plans for a toy store in town? I'm surprised with all the kids in town, that there isn't one. I'm not looking for drugstore toys but things like Thomas the Train, etc. Or how about a clothing store for kids? We need this!

Your editor's response:  Assume you are a new resident because Croton had not one, but two toy stores, of considerable size. Treasures and Tales carried the Melissa and Doug line, as well as numerous other popular, high-and-middle-end toys.  Wondrous Things had a huge toy store in the area now occupied by Orangeberry in the Upper Village; it carried Thomas the Train, Schleich, and similar items. Both stores shut down within the last five to seven years...among the reasons cited was a lack of community support.  

As for a children's clothing store, Croton had Groovy on Grand; it closed in 2013; you can read the owner's farewell letter which includes this very telling quote: "As more and more people shop online and in  big box stores, it becomes more and more difficult for the local shop to be successful. Support your local shops so that they can stay in business."  

Read the rest here http://everythingcroton.blogspot.com/2013/01/good-bye-thank-you-from-lisa-primeggia.html

The fact is that more and more people ARE shopping for children's and teen's clothing, and toys, online or in big box stores--and that even national toy and clothing chains are contracting.

That being said, you can still find some educational, craft and/or novelty toys at  SUNSHINE & CLOVER https://www.facebook.com/Sunshine-Clover-413739138705485/ and FEED THE BIRDS http://bit.ly/2sZQIRi

Croton's Shoprite (in the Shoprite Shopping Center) also brings in an extensive array of popular name brand toys and dolls seasonally. And then there's 3rd Universe https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=3rd%20universe

On another note, Croton also boasts EIGHT assorted business types on the BEST OF WESTCHESTER 2017 list; here's a wrap-up list of who they are courtesy of Croton United http://bit.ly/2t6TxZU

Finally it takes courage to open a business anywhere including Croton. Let's stop wishing for more when we have so much--AND SUPPORT WHAT WE HAVE--or in the alternative, residents are always free to open the kind of businesses they want.

And...we're also one of the safest communities in NYS http://tiny.cc/h9ucmy 

2018 update--Sunshine and Clover closed. 


  1. Retail in general is tough, and estimates are that currently at least 30% overcapacity. Specialty items like Melissa & Doug are often shopped for online.

    The view in Croton shared by many residents and politicians is that the municipality can somehow force landlords to create a desired retail mix. The fact that this has never worked does not dissuade the proponents.

    Retail in a low volume location is tough. The fixed expenses remain the same. Labor is expensive in NY, and that is going to increase since both wages and mandatory benefits are increasing faster than inflation. This means that online retailers with their volume and automated operations will continue to undercut retail stores in small communities.

    This is not just a matter of shopping local: residents and politicians must stop looking at retail businesses as a cash cow and substitute social welfare agency.

    1. Bravo. As a business owner, I have brought in what residents wanted and never saw them again. I heard my prices were too high compared to Amazon! I survive because I now have a deeper understanding of what sells here and what doesn't, as well as the bigger picture. I love Croton deeply and support what local causes I can but the well needs to be replenished now and then!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I get tired of being hit up for things with the schools and it's gotten worse in the last few years. It's not that I don't want to help. It's just aggravating when that person takes the check and is never in my store again.

    1. As a business owner, I know exactly what you mean. Now I have to monitor so-called village and community sites to make sure my business isn't being bashed to add insult to injury. Truth is I rely on outsiders more than Croton people.