Thursday, July 13, 2017


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A reader writes: My family left Croton in the early 80's and we love reading your blog. 

I see you have a few posts on the old diner and the Duck Pond.  We miss it a lot. Do you have any photos of the inside, vintage or current will do.

Your editor: Like many of our neighbors, we frequent the diner often--221 South Riverside--here's a recent (partial) photo of the interior--which was renovated about five years ago--new lighting, carpet, furniture, upholstered booths, etc.  And one which includes the view of the Duck Pond from inside. Click on the photos and enjoy.   And for those who may have missed it: A LOOK BACK AT THE CROTON DINER--click HERE.

And here's their FB page. 

p.s.  And they were the 2013 HUDSON VALLEY GATEWAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUSINESS OF THE YEAR for their charitable work as well; CLICK HERE.

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