Wednesday, December 31, 2014


So many interesting things to show you today--to the right, and from a previous auction at Croton's own SeriousToyz, a 1965 Corgi Wall's Ice Cream truck; it sold for $143.75--proving once again that if you have serious stuff, SeriousToyz has serious bidders. For more about them, visit - we just can't help but wonder if--with all the vintage and new toy trucks we find out there at tag sales, if it wouldn't be possible to modify one into a putz!

It's followed by a wonderful vertical putz display from our friend Matthew. Cake stands offer real possibilities if you have limited space--and made from cardboard to plastic etc., you can find them in assorted price-points just about everywhere on the internet. Click on the photos and enjoy.

So here's a happy ending for a sad tale; a friend of ours inherited a little--and I mean tiny--wind-up train from her Dad; the mechanism was such that it traveled in a tight little circle--and every year it made its way into the center of her putz village--to be wound up and watched. This year, however, the mechanism finally went--and was beyond repair.  Enter a very clever husband who purchased a battery operated revolving turntable--the type used to display model airplanes, cars and such--and ta-da--the train now goes round and round just like it did before--in a manner of speaking.

Needless to say, she's thrilled to have the "effect" back in her village--and the cherished family "heirloom" now has a second life. Amazon has lots of options and reviews on battery operated turntables in case you just want to add a little movement to your next putz display.

The Royal Village Grocery Store:

Want more vintage? Go here

Remembering Ricky Nelson

And check out this wonderful post we found on the Noma lighted altar--lots of detail and a great little story to go with it--including "window" putzing


  1. I just ordered a cardboard cupcake stand from oriental trading I will add green and glitter to.

  2. "Putzing" (a German thing and while putzen means to decorate or adorn, "a putz" more specifically refers to the elaborate Christmas villages that people used to (and sometimes still) set up to augment their creche sets.)

    A term I had never heard before - but describes what my Mémère (grandmother) used to do! I am more inspired than ever to try and locate a photo of some of her "putzing"!! If I do, you can be sure that I will post about it and share it with you!

    Thanks for the link! If / when I find out more about the altar, I will also be sure to share with you - I have received many emails from people who "discovered' a Noma Glolight chalkware altar in their parents or grandparents estates and were wondering more about them!

    Have a great holiday!

    David (aka "The Father of Five")