Monday, December 29, 2014


Many of you first became familiar with the Shorpy site thanks to PapaTed--we were reminded today just how amazing it is--and what a wonderful resource too. 

To the right is a dissected section of a 1921 Schar Electric Christmas window that's filled with vintage lights, appliances, a train and a great piece of Lionel tinplate in the far right corner. It's followed by a photo of this year's 2014 Fontanini Nativity, the right side. (You can see the left side here:

Click on the photos and enjoy!

And don't forget to check out the Shorpy site:

Speaking of nativities, a sweet little story from Paul Race , click on the link

An update from THE NATIVITY PROJECT and our friend ItaliaIrish: Three years ago I did the first part of this Nativity Project, but there were many places I wasn't able to get to, so this year I was close to so many of those areas on my travels, so I decided to finish off with a Part 2 to the Project..hope you all enjoy the photo of the Beautiful Nativity scenes that have been out this year in various areas..I'll be posting new photos until the Epiphany. January 6 - click on the link

Don't think we ever told you about this hacienda putz (Occupied Japan) that Tom H has some interesting commentary on 

And at Retro Renovation: 14 Favorite Stories from 2014 

Another item from the Royal Lighted Village, the municipal airport

Want more vintage? Go here


  1. Are these six to seven inch figures?

    1. Yes, most were acquired from the Crompond Country Store in Yorkstown. Wasn't that a great place! We'd go there early on the day after Christmas for their half price sale, although Fontanini was never discounted!