Saturday, February 8, 2014


Yes you too can own the MAGNETIC ACTION WITH SOUND "MAGIC FARM". Somehow we think this didn't work quite as well as the ad claims but this late 50's, early 60's ad was still a charmer. Click on the photo. And of course if you save enough S&H Green Stamps, you can always have a great pedal car instead! See below.

We'll take two of each, especially that neat little army "jeep"; from the late 50's, early 60's. Click on the photo.

We're always on the look-out for interesting architecture so our putz artisans can feel even more inspired; check this beauty out

Recently a friend of ours decorated for Valentine's Day using battery operated tealights in these little candy boxes--SEE effect was quite magical and so we popped into the site where she bought them. It's called LIGHT IN THE BOX--and we had been there before--in fact their ads have been popping up everywhere--it seems to sell just about everything but we just love the house shaped "favor boxes"

If you're sick of the snow and cold--we're not there yet!--then why not visit Sandy Shores, the world of summer putz in so many words. Click on the link

AND CHECK THIS OUT FROM PAUL RACE--I thought some of you might enjoy my story of using my alto sax to fill in for a Salvation army bellringer at Wal-Mart last Christmas season.

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  1. I want that little green convertible. I'd like it in red, or pink, but I'll take green if I must!