Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Today we bring you a page of miscellaneous Christmas decorations from the 1959 Sears catalog--and remember, there once was a time when styrofoam was new and exciting! We'll take Santa playing the piano and a dozen of the angels. Click on the photos below:

If you’re not familiar with Dover Publications, their CD Roms and hard copy books (stickers too) are a wonderful resource for crafters, retro/vintage holiday lovers, etc. Sign up to receive their newsletter and you are provided with sneak peeks and free images of their latest publications. Here’s what arrived today:

Vintage animals; print these on cardstock, cut out and you have wee 4-legged inhabitants for your villages

Click on the link to see 28 pages of vintage Christmas offerings

Reminds us on Nan’s great little adobe putz – click on the link, scroll down the page

And from Ed Berg: Today we forgo Train Time to bring you a special Olympic Toy; Wow, do we have a treat for you paper village aficionados - an Olympic Village from 1932! First of all, I cannot imagine how rare these must be. Since starting on my toy collecting path about twenty years ago I've never come across any more of these buildings. I have six buildings and haven't a clue if there are any more in the series as, quite frankly, the Internet doesn't seem to have any info on them either.