Thursday, August 23, 2012


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CROTON POINT PROJECT TO BE AIRED 9/18/12, PUBLIC MEETING, THE GAZETTE - Highlights only; THE GAZETTE is on sale just about everywhere:

--Could take place as early as next spring

--Major issue is how much the Croton taxpayer would have to foot:
    -Planning firm underestimated the cost of the basic design significantly when it applied for federal funds through the state.
    -"Though the state allocated 80% funding, or $1.2 million, if the project proceeds, instead of a share of $300,000, the taxpayers will now have to come up with a share of $1.3 million--or even more if the bids exceed $2.5 million."

--To accommodate the bicycle lanes, parking has been taken away on Croton Point Avenue from the new deli location owned by John Perillo and from the Franzoso Contracting business. "Mr. Franzoso who was recently elected chairman of the board of the Hudson Valley gateway Chamber of Commerce, said he was dumb-founded by the village taking such action, especially penalizing long standing commercial property owners to appease a small number of bicycle enthusiasts for whom alternate options exist, including the status quo...That the village would do this..."I don't even believe I'm here discussing this issue" he said."

--"I'm not an Article 78 type of guy" said Mr. Perillo, referring to the loss of parking...but he will be essentially forced to consider his legal options.

Again, to read the full article, see the Gazette.

However, we strongly recommend that you instead listen to the audiotape of the work session which tells a far more detailed story; click on the link, then go to Work Session 8/20/12; depending on your connection, it will take some time to download.


  1. I've listened to the tape. Am I understanding this correctly that they plan in the future to take away even more parking from Riverside i.e. the Harmon business community so that the bike lane can go down Benedict? And what about the houses are they losing their parking too???????????

  2. On the tape Leo says when asked repeatedly they are heeding the recommendations of the bike master plan which calls for lanes on Riverside and on Benedict and elimination of parking consequently. This ought to promote business development!

  3. God save us from the 'planners'.

  4. Between Harmon re-zoning, HUD and this, it's decided, the house goes on the market in the spring. Linda

  5. When the 18th comes, I think they'll see a crowd that will make the last time they tried to make a deal with garbage look like a picnic or the bow hunting fiasco like a romp in the park. People are not happy about this and they know we are going to be sued all over the place.

  6. These people have no shame, what incompetence, ALL of them.

  7. It doesn't matter what any citizen says at the info meeting on the 18th, unless of course they're all for it. This board already has made up its mind. You can just tell listening to the audiotape.