Tuesday, October 18, 2011



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Village Historian Mary Lambruschi has passed away. The services are as follows:

Carter's Funeral Home
,Thursday and Friday, 2 to 4 pm, 7 to 9 pm - A mass of Christian burial will be held at Holy Name of Mary on Saturday at 10 am

Here's a photo of Mary as we'd like to remember her best: strong, happy, radiant and full of enthusiasm for Croton's history.

EDITOR'S NOTE: ROBERT SCOTT'S "REMEMBERING MARY LAMBRUSCHI": http://everythingcroton.blogspot.com/2011/10/robert-scott-remembering-mary.html


  1. This is a very sad day for our village. Mary was a no nonsense woman, that our history is our history, don't blame me she would say, when people came by and were less than pleased by what they saw in the archives. She considered herself to be on a sort of special mission to preserve as much as she could, even if it wasn't politically correct, and she could tell you where everything was just like that. She will truly be missed. A real important part of old Croton is gone. Rest in peace Mary.

  2. Sad sad news. Our condolences to the family.

  3. When I heard this news today, I knew exactly where to look first. What an incredible loss to the village. Mary was in the mold of Finnerty and Sasso. Treasure old Croton. They provide a perspective newer residents will never have.

  4. Mary was a local treasure and we will miss her very much. I'm sure Reggie is waiting with open arms. God bless you Mary.

  5. We were very sorry to read the news of Mary's passing. Although we left Croton back in the early 90's when the then politicos went on a spending spree that drove us out completely taxwise, we have often checked in our old hometown from time to time when we visit NY or on the internet over the years (and some of the websites you guys have now run by folks who clearly aren't old Croton are horrible). Mary, Joyce Finnerty, and all the society's volunteers always welcomed us with open arms and were very accommodating when we wanted to show friends things from bygone days. Mary would literally drop whatever she was doing because she knew we were on fixed timeframes. That's the kind of great person she was. Her husband Reggie was also a great guy.

    God bless you Mary. Rest in peace.

  6. While I didn't know Mary personally, she was always upbeat, with a ready smile, when I went in to the historical society. She was a great representative, and her presence will surely be missed.
    My condolences to all those who loved her. May she rest in peace.

    Liz Jacobson

  7. I was so deeply affected by this news and reminded how helpful Mary, Joyce and Elise were when the village made certain representations about the early days of the waste transfer station permitting process we suspected were incorrect. The village claimed that the files did not reflect the rumors we had heard about and gave what we had to say no credence nor were they inclined to even investigate. It was only when we went to the society that Mary and Joyce recommended we go through some of the bound newspaper books for various years that we were able to counter the misinformation being fed to the public by our officials. While in the end it made no difference in their decision to grant the permit, they could never again say that the information we had was false when such a tangible record existed in the village's own archives! Mary was a godsend. She will be sorely missed.

  8. We at the Historical Society have lost a dear, dear friend. Mary knew our archives inside out and happily shared her knowledge with not only all the outsiders who sought information but on a weekly basis with all of us working with her. God' speed, Mary.

  9. What a great gal she was. Linda