Tuesday, December 5, 2017


BY SPECIAL REQUEST--a report on Austin Texas - Fight the Plastic Bag Ban--Page 1--Austin’s Plastic  Bag Ban a Colossal Failure By Anthony van Leeuwen October 12, , 2015

Introduction - In June 2015, the Austin Resource Recovery Service released a candid report entitled “Environmental Effects of the Single Use Bag Ordinance in Austin, Texas ” questioning the effectiveness of the city’s own bag ban. . The report noted that the ordinance reduced litter from “single -use” or “lightweight” plastic carryout bags, but that the unintended consequence was an increase in the use of 4 -mil reusable plastic shopping bags (disposed of after just a single-use), and the increased cost to consumers and retailers. 

MORE HERE https://fighttheplasticbagban.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/austinsplasticbagbanacolossalfailure.pdf

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  1. there's no such thing as single use bags in my house. with four dogs and two cats, all the plastic bags get another use to clean up after them.