Monday, May 29, 2017


Q:  What's going on with the helicopter pad i.e. the old Nappy property and the housing that was going to go on it with Harmon re-zoning?   

A: AS OF APRIL 2017--it was announced at a previous board meeting that the current (still???) owner had abandoned plans to develop it because he saw no way to make the building profitable.  It is allegedly back on the market in its current state. As always you should direct your questions to proponents of the re-zoning (who also brought you the Dairy Mart construction), consult the planning board records, check the village's meeting minutes, etc.

Q: I enjoyed seeing photos of the outdoor services. Got any more examples from the village churches?  It's a good way to see the old town.

A: Click on the links below....

--Tom Faranda's Folly, 9/20/15 Holy Name of Mary outdoor mass at Vassallo Park--put together by the Youth Ministry--a.k.a. THE GOD SQUAD 

--Outdoor mass and celebration 2015, SPANISH MINISTRY, HOLY NAME OF MARY, Our Lady of Guadalupe
--2016 Public recitation of the rosary at Holy Name


  1. Thanks for the info on the **copter pad**. So much for that rate of return. Watch out for the slippery slope of four and five story requests next.

  2. On another subject - does anyone know why the 2 or 3 marshy areas out on the landing look dead? In the past, green, with honeysuckle, now all brown. Don't ever remember it looking this bad.

    1. Phragmites treatment approved last year.

    2. Thanks, I had forgotten how invasive it can be.