Tuesday, October 20, 2015


From the Croton United FB page--read below--see photos at links--an important letter from Don Daubney.

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CONCERNS ABOUT ACCESS TO POLLING PLACES--Don Daubney has sent this letter to the Gazette, expressing his concerns that construction work and lack of parking at two major polling places will hinder access to the ballot on November 3, especially among seniors and people with mobility limitations. We think Don offers a great solution to the problem.

To the Editor:

Three of Croton’s election districts vote at the Municipal Building and two districts vote at the Grand Street Firehouse. Both of these buildings are currently under construction and I am very concerned that many people, especially seniors and people with mobility limitations will be either unable or unwilling to vote at these locations on Election Day this year. That isn’t something that we as a community should accept. 

Parking at the Municipal Building is limited or nonexistent, and a huge temporary cell tower restricts access to the only handicapped-accessible entrance to the building. In addition, a trench several feet deep has been dug across the entrance to the Grand Street Firehouse, impeding access there. According to the Westchester County Board of Elections, however, the village believes both locations are fine to use as polling places. I disagree.

The Croton Harmon High School is only blocks away from both of these locations. It has been used as a polling place in the past. The gymnasium is large enough to accommodate all of the election districts that vote at both of the other locations, and offers both unimpeded accessibility and on-site parking. School is closed on Election Day so no students will be in the building. I believe that this year, due to the problems associated with access and parking at both of the other locations, the high school should be used as a polling place. I’m disappointed that our village board, which should be doing everything it can to encourage resident participation in the electoral process, has not chosen to make access to the ballot for all residents a priority.

Don Daubney

10/26 update on access - thank you Croton United http://everythingcroton.blogspot.com/2015/10/important-1026-polling-place-update.html


  1. They're not going to be finished in time at the municipal building? They told us they would be.

  2. This is just another in a long line of problems I have with this board. Why is this EVEN AN ISSUE? WHY? I do not understand what they are thinking. Just make alternate arrangements already instead of getting people all incensed. They've had MONTHS.

  3. I heard that between Croton United, Dabuney's letter and a lot of p.o.'d citizens, they're FINALLY going to come up with something. WHY does it take something like this to get their attention from Sunset Park on. It is exhausting!

  4. When you spend as much time as these people on NON village stuff, preparing some sort of contingency plan just goes right out the window it seems. Hey do you know what's going on with the energy plan that's going to save all that money/ Leo said rollout in the fall and here we are. Do you know?

  5. The solution in my estimation is to have a lawyer file a complaint with the Westchester Board of Elections claiming that the current situation is an attempt by the current establishment to disenfranchise senior voters. Also make sure the seniors are aware of what is going on. That should get a reaction from Leo and crew. This is typical of the Village Board ignoring what is obvious to Croton residents until there is a crescendo of disapproval. Look at how they handled Toughman, Gouveia, etc. Perhaps the