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By popular request and with permission, the Elizabeth Giblin letter from the 5/5-5/11 Gazette in response to a letter writer the week before.


Reply to “Cute and Functional Business Districts”.

I am familiar with “cute” business districts. Briarcliff is one but notice the main business district is set in a picture of low-scalled shops, servicing grocery, pharmacy, gas and gifts – no overhanging two- and three-story apartments are in view.

Contrast that with Tarrytrown – that lovely sleepy town of which Washington Irving wrote – now loaded with high structured buildings, empty storefronts and a dense population beyond a Sleepy Hollow Horror of a school population.

Peekskill is sporting river condos these days but where does one walk – down Main Street where you only venture out with life support. The city is loaded with large, dense apartments supported by federal housing.

Contrasting Harmon business district with the aforementioned areas shows that we have a good mix of serviceable apartments and trades. There is a parking problem, however, particularly for one of the most influential owners of the this area and a beautiful storefront at the entrance to Harmon. What a sin to let this happen.

Let’s take the high road in Harmon. Keep the area for our residents “Cute and functional.”  Elizabeth Giblin

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