Thursday, November 10, 2011


Bo-Bo was already very old when our friend Iris Stevens adopted him many years ago. And we have to admit he looked every inch the ancient chieftain no matter how often he was groomed (nor was he adverse to nipping your heel for some unknown offense!)

But...he also had a great capacity for love, mischief, and as all of us will swear on a stack of bibles, a sense of humor. He played well with his other four-footed friends, fiercely protected his "pack", and stood his ground when necessary even on bad days. He will be missed by all those whose lives he touched. Rest in Peace Bo-Bo.


  1. Rest in peace little guy. You remind me of my Oscar who lived to be 17.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this Iris. (You and I met on a walk some time back. I'm the one with the crazy dachshund)

    He was a good little dog and he was lucky to have you.

  3. He was an excellent dog with a good soul.

  4. I will definitely miss him at the "doggie play dates". He was one of a kind. Thanks, Maria, for your great photo and kind words.