Friday, January 2, 2015


So much to show you today.

You've seen this very rare and early warehouse toy before--but it was worth pulling out again. Featured in a previous auction at Croton's own SeriousToyz, it has all the bells and whistles: great graphics, accessories and size. Made by Reed in 1895, Reed, 16" tall, litho paper over wood; working doors & pulley, has original accessories with hooks for loading & unloading, complete! So remember, if you have serious stuff...check out today.

It's followed by a gorgeous 1946 Wurlitzer jukebox, courtesy of our friend Frank.

And finally the 2014 French tinsel tree putz village in the formal living room--featuring cathedral by Howard Lamey and the blue castle--a repro of one made in the 30's, only blue and gold instead, by Karl Fey, and handmade Marie Antoinette ornaments made from new and vintage ephemera and components. The little French couples are vintage made in Japan (one was a gift from a friend), and the die-cut is new, as is the enamel and rhinestone ship--which is a actually a pillbox.

Click on the photos.

Check out this outstanding antique nativity diorama from the Golden Glow fB page

Check out this vintage snowman candy container, German--love the simplicity and kitschy charm of it--and actually worth trying to reproduce

So worth looking at again--a simply amazing Christmas photo from long ago, complete with putz, vintage honeycomb and so much over the top goodness it takes your breath away

Check this site out--it's filled with kitschy vintage goodness and a lot of fun

So you like Haeger pottery? Check this out of our favorite Howard Lamey putz houses

If you like advertising and coin-op, LAS VEGAS--check out

And coming to Morphy's: Our January 31 & February 1, 2015 auction has shaped up to be one of the finest offerings we have had the pleasure to present.  Being able to bring so many fine guns to the market is exciting. Offered will be some real rarities from a Civil War Berdan Sharps Rifle to a documented Vietnam Remington Model 40 Sniper.  Including some fantastic Presentation Colts to a vast array of High condition and deluxe Lever Guns, and everything in between, this two day auction should be a must on just about every collectors calendar.

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  1. I died and went to heaven when I saw your French putz and that antique warehouse. Linda