Monday, November 24, 2014


Without a of the nicest die-cut vintage Christmas cards we have ever seen, circa 1950's, and courtesy of Joanne O. No marks, no copyright.

It's followed by a repro publicity still from THE BISHOP'S WIFE, courtesy of Linda--one of the best Christmas films of all time--and now being released by Turner Classic Movies on Blu-Ray. 

Click on the photos and enjoy! 

p.s. You can get a lot of repro publicity stills at Allen's booth--the Peekskill Attic Treasures flea market--they're not printed on the best paper but are perfect for framing for the price and add a nice touch to your vintage displays. While the market is closed for the season, he promises to be back in the spring.

Beautiful antique German Christmas tin

A third ultra-mod putz house pattern to download from Retro Renovation

And now...drum roll please...a message from Paul Race: Welcome to the November, 2014 issue of The Christmas Times(tm).

This newsletter is for people who like celebrating holidays, especially Christmas. It is produced in conjunction with the following web sites.

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  1. Did you know that David Niven was originally going to play the angel instead of Cary Grant?