Friday, August 8, 2014



The agenda for the 8/11 meeting is now online; you can see that agenda here

On that agenda is a proposal for an 11 unit 'mixed use' three story apartment building for the small corner lot former Nappy site across the street from the nail salon in Harmon--379 S. Riverside; 8 units on the 2nd and 3rd floor; 3 "behind" the commercial space on the first floor. 


8 of the units will be approx. 650-680 sq ft. each
3 of the units will be approx. 325 sq ft. each

It is important to note that the public was told that under the Harmon re-zoning the original projection for this site was SIX APARTMENTS AT 1,000 SQ. FT EACH

You now have 11 instead.

The total for the "commercial spaces" is very small compared to the total residential; one commercial unit will be approx. 680 sq ft.; the other three will be approx. 340 each

It is unknown at this time how much of the building(s) will be market rate (all?) or if a portion will be low income/affordable housing--or if all of the building(s) will be low income/affordable housing.  Or if there will be children or all seniors....

An elevator, formerly denied as necessary to the alleged rate of return on investment calculations under Harmon re-zoning, will be placed in the building. 

The footprint of the building is HUGE versus the old footprint of the building.

The parking will allegedly be in the back of building(s); 19 spaces are allocated.

Despite claims to the contrary, the drawing indicates that the building(s) will not be in scale to the Tsagarakis building next door or much of anything around it.

You are encouraged to see the agenda and the relevant documents at the link above.

The developer is simply noted as "c/o Lawrence Doyle"; the name of the company is not provided. The address is 16 New Broadway, Sleepy Hollow. The architect is Gemmola & Associates. 

You are encouraged to watch or attend the meeting 8 pm, 2nd floor, Channel 78. 8/11/14

JULY 2015: DEVELOPER SEEKING VARIANCE; awaiting planning board minutes


  1. Six apartments at a thousand square feet each was never a real number and they knew it. Don't care if it's market rate or whatever. It's too much for the area and the houses around it. Can you imagine owning a house and then having yourself abutted by a three story building. All the privacy of the yards will be gone. Glad I live in the hills.

  2. Look at the architecture, looks just like roundtop

  3. Weren't the homeowners supposed to be notified?

  4. Did everyone forget the environmental aspect? This was a gas station. I'll be interested in seeing what it takes to clean it up? You can't do that after the building is up.

  5. To the top of the telephone poles? Judging from Dino's building that's going to be pretty imposing.

  6. And I assume these are rentals? At those sizes they couldn't possibly be condos?

    When does the monitor's new report come out? I seem to recall around the second or third week of this month?

  7. These three buildings will just overwhelm that little parcel. i wonder where the village will have to park its wrecks now since they were using Nappy's to put them there.

  8. Croton, you've reaped what you've sown. Now it starts. Enjoy.

  9. This will require a special permit, right? Not that this means anything but that hasn't changed has it?????????????

  10. Wasn't the special permit what got us into trouble with the monitor?

  11. I don't care if its market rate or affordable. 8 one bedroom apartments means no children so what's the big deal?

    1. Actually whether it is market rate, affordable or some combination of the two, it's a very big deal. The board and supporters of Harmon re-zoning said the impacts would be minimal; they said 6 apartments at 1,000 square feet on that site to keep those impacts minimal--but in reality that number was never real--and they were told so. Repeatedly. They ignored their citizens instead. Now we have a developer who is creating 11--not six--apartments ranging from 360 sq feet to 650 sq feet--approximately. That's quite a difference. 8 of the 11 apartments will indeed be one bedroom apartments.

      As for your claim that one bedroom apartments mean no children, that is simply incorrect. For example, in a recent county meeting, Norma Drummond stated that--regarding HUD--a one bedroom apartment could have THREE people living in it; a two bedroom apt. could have FIVE PEOPLE living in it; a 3 bedroom apartment, 7 and a 4 bedroom apartment, 9. You can hear it for yourself at the link below. Just copy it and paste it into your browser

    2. Thank you. We sell next year hopefully anyway.

  12. Does anyone know what's going on there? Nothing seems to be happening and there are these rumors.........................