Tuesday, February 23, 2016



The following letter by Trustee Bob Anderson has been sent to the Gazette.

To the Editor, 

Last November, when I took office as a newly-elected Trustee, I had hoped the members of the Board of Trustees would be able to move the village forward in a non partisan manner. It is becoming increasingly apparent, however, that the opposition is significantly embittered after losing their monopoly control of the board, and that they and their supporters will be making every possible attempt to introduce partisanship into local issues.

The Croton Dems’ latest effort to obfuscate and mislead is to imply that by voting to issue village bonds recently, the Board majority has broken its campaign promises about village debt. This is ridiculous. Our campaign repeatedly stated that the prudent use of bonds was a fiscal policy that we encouraged; our criticism was directed at the imprudent manner in which the former administration used this financial tool.

Contrary to the statements made in last week’s letters to the Gazette, the $8 million dollars in bonds that were recently approved were not “new”. These bonds were approved as part of the Wiegman administration’s final capital budget, which actually approved the issuance of over $11 million in new borrowing. Since taking office, the new board majority has worked assiduously to reduce that amount by eliminating spending that we felt was wasteful, irresponsible or simply not an urgent enough priority to justify the accumulation of additional bond debt. Unfortunately, the casual resort to the use of debt to plug holes in the budget by the prior administration has made these tough decisions necessary now.

This is a serious and urgent issue. The latest report provided to the Village by its auditors stated that the village’s current debt load is double what it should be
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  1. Not the first time they've done this and it will not the last. Remember?

    For immediate release - Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee Rules 
That Croton Democratic Party Engaged in Unfair Campaign Practices

    Ruling on a complaint by mayor-elect Gregory Schmidt, the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee has found “unfair” statements made by the Croton Democratic Party in both a mailer and online during the last week of the recent Village of Croton-on-Hudson elections. This is the second consecutive election in which the committee has cited the Croton Democratic Party for unfair practices.

    The most recent complaint relates to Gregory Schmidt’s record on taxes during his previous terms as mayor from 2006 to 2009. READ MORE HERE http://www.crotonunited.org/blog-n/2015/11/16/westchester-county-fair-campaign-practices-committee-rules-that-croton-democratic-party-engaged-in-unfair-campaign-practices

  2. What more is there to say except knock it off guys. You lost. Big time. Because people wanted the debt under control, because people didnt want Gouveia or that Croton Point Avenue project, or a full time mayor with paid for by the rest of us health insurance. You lost because you continue to engage the services of well you know who. stop making me embarassed to be a Croton dem!

  3. It IS embarrassing. From letters that claim that Clearwater isn't in Croton this year due to the mayor, when it wasn't rocket science to find articles just about everywhere saying that the outfit was having hard times financially, to the latest CCA nonsense, I am so done with this endless barrage of crud. I am so happy to have a board that is focused on Croton now! I pray they can get us out of this mess!