Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Received the sad news this morning that THE SIDECAR AT THE TAVERN is closing: EVERYTHING MUST GO--SALE!! SALE!! SALE!!!This Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will be open from 9-4 for a Cash and Carry event... now is your chance to take home the Sidecar's decor and display items. Everything must go so grab your favorite items while they last! 

EDITOR'S NOTE: There are many reasons why businesses fail--a poor economy and/or one still in recovery are some of them. But more importantly sometimes--it is not enough for those Croton residents who want more diverse businesses to simply want the idea----they MUST support those businesses!  Sorry to see THE SIDECAR go. Excellent egg salad and crumb cake.


  1. loved this place. voted best crumb-cake in the county not that long ago. was really sorry to see la sala go too.

  2. Sorry to hear this. I wish they had advertised more. I remember hearing a decent about them when they first opened and then nothing. To be honest, I forgot about them.

  3. So sorry but why should local businesses right in town have to advertise? Supporting a good local business should just be part of one's personality. The Sidecar gots lots of great reviews from blogs, from Westchester Magazine. Advertising certainly didn't help Kico's or LaSala, both written up with great reviews too. When I do spend money or rather when I have to spend money, I always look to do it locally first if I can. I'm sorry to see the sidecar go.