Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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Not long ago we told you about a new facebook page on the Croton Point Bungalow Colony that existed out at the point once upon a time; check it out here

This is a great facebook page--so we decided to comb the archives of The Croton Historical Society on the scans below for Part 3 and the final installment of The Croton Point Bungalow Colony.  

See Part 1 here 
See Part 2 here

And once again many thanks to the keepers of the flame: The Croton Historical Society.  To learn more about the Society, visit

You may also have an interest in a map from 1943 showing the Bungalow Colony in exquisite detail courtesy of Croton History & Mysteries

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  1. Thank you for making "close-ups" of these photos.