Monday, August 7, 2017


When you come across an ad like this--from the December 1967 edition of Life Magazine--you really have to stand back and say: my my how things have changed! Faithful reader Catherine STILL has her Royal typewriter--for those days when she doesn't want to turn on the computer and the printer--although ribbons are getting harder and harder to find! Check out the uncomfortable seating arrangements. 

It's followed by an oldie but goodie putz house creation from Howard Lamey and it's a beaut! See it in various stages of construction--and a pattern too--just click on the link and keep scrolling all the way down once you get there And finally John Philip Sousa in a 1917 ad for Adams Black Jack Gum! Click on the photos and enjoy.

--Mid-Century Modern “putz”—click on the link, keep scrolling down the page

--Hold onto your hats—page after page of already sold vintage antique Christmas ornaments, decoratives, putz—this is some sort of aggregator—don’t pass out when you see some of the prices!

--French actress Jeanne Moreau has died

--Vintage village designs by David—wood—simple but interesting - we love the covered bridge

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  1. We still have a typewriter, an IBM Selectric with the bouncing ball. When you want to change the font, you have to change the bouncing ball. We still use it for envelopes and certain forms.