Wednesday, July 26, 2017


A reader comments: I'm surprised there isn't much in the way of fair trade products being sold in Croton. Back in the city, we had lots of opportunities like this. the are not in the city any more. That being said, Croton had two businesses that provided an extensive array of fair trade items here in the village as recently as a few years ago--both did not survive.  However, there are still periodic fair trade opportunities:

--THE HOLY NAME OF MARY FAIR TRADE MINISTRY: Once a month throughout the year (except in the summer) fair trade/equal exchange coffee, tea, and chocolates are sold in the Parish Center after all masses. The sales will start again in the fall. You can read the ministry's 2013-2014 report here

--FAIR TRADE TOTE BASKETS FROM WEST AFRICA, available at Sunshine & Clover

--More and more local supermarkets are offering products that are branded "fair trade" or "responsibly sourced". Be on the look-out if this is your preference.  Fair trade products are also sold periodically at other local church fairs and sales.


  1. Yep you just have to open your eyes.

  2. Thank you. I get tired when people want big city stuff in a little village and even more when we have most of what they want if only they'd open their eyes. There are none so blind as those who will not see.