Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Loss of a child is the worst horror a parent can experience. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the young man who perished on Friday.

Our community has many parks and waterfront. As we enter the summer season, I appeal to all parents and community leaders to speak to our young people about safety.

Most importantly, please speak with your children about the need to only swim in designated areas. Parts of the Croton River are dangerous and that is why Croton and Ossining prohibit swimming in those areas. READ MORE HERE http://bit.ly/2rqQ987

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  1. Sage advice. What more can be done? I don't know. there is signage everywhere in both communities in English and Spanish, warnings and prohibitions about swimming are clear.

  2. I do think that having schools do an annual reminder would help. Kids ignore signs and downplay the risks. A classroom discussion might at least reach a few of them. Every year in Croton we have the same story with these drownings, and now we also are having drug overdoses. These are preventable deaths, and in a small community we should be able to do the outreach. I also think that Ossining and Croton should coordinate their efforts, since many of the deaths over the years have been of Ossining residents.