Sunday, April 2, 2017


Question: What's going on with the apartments being built under the re-zoning in Harmon? The deli at Benedict has stopped work completely and the sign is down at the old gas station across the street? Did it just blow away? And what's the deli doing with the back of their property  where the garbage container used to be?  And how were all those windows in the adjoining building allowed to be blocked like that? The windows will all be facing a wall. Is that safe?

Answer: Work has indeed stopped--for the moment--at both these locations:

--A tiny apartment is to be wedged into the area behind the deli where the garbage was kept. Your editor does not know where the new location for the building's trash will be. 

As to the former Nappy property, it was announced at a recent board meeting that the current owner has abandoned plans to develop it because the owner saw no way to make the building profitable.  It is allegedly back on the market in its current state. 

As always you should direct your questions to proponents of the re-zoning, the planning board, check the village's meeting minutes, etc.


Question: I was told that there's info on here about former village mayor Rozelle, but I can't find it. Can you help? 

Answer:  It's spelled Rozell, without the "e"--and here's a link

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  1. No way to make it profitable???? At almost double the apartments that were projected for the site originally??? Are you kidding me? It's a slippery slope folks and don't be surprised to see a request for FOUR AND FIVE stories in Croton next! God save us from the "planners".