Sunday, January 1, 2017


Dear Readers of Everything Croton:

As another year comes to a close, it's important to once again recognize those who seldom receive a thank-you for all their efforts to make Croton (and the world) a better place—but should...Here’s just a small sampling:

1. Special thanks to all our veterans--and to those village residents who have recently chosen to serve their country. With special acknowledgement to the veterans who attended the 12/19 village board meeting to protest a manipulated post on the Croton Dems FB page depicting a US veteran as an example of Islamophobia; while the Croton Dems removed the offensive FB post eventually, (, our veterans deserved better

2. Special thanks to Mary, Jo-Jo, Scott, Lyn, Bethany and so many others for providing holiday packages to our soldiers serving overseas. 

3. Once again, village animal lovers helped pay for the spaying/neutering of 4 feral cats, found homes for numerous kittens, and re-united 5 lost pets with their families.

4. The “Grand Street Gals” continue their impromptu “Clean up Croton” days:  Special thanks again to Lynn, Josie, Cal, Jay and Lisa.  A special note of thanks also to the Duck Pond Committee, as well as the Village Garden Club for beautifying long-neglected village owned properties. And of course to our wonderful Croton Arboretum, a real sanctuary from the world at large. If you'd like to become a member or make a donation, visit

5. Many thanks to all those who once again provided rides to the polls for our older and physically challenged residents; and many thanks to our impromptu Good Neighbor Watch which continues to help an older resident “age in place” by running errands, reading mail, or just checking in.

6. Many thanks to Holy Name of Mary's God Squad--whose members continue to represent their generation well

7. To our service organizations, a BIG EVERYTHING CROTON THANK YOU for all you do for the community and the world at large--your activities are too numerous to mention: the Croton Lions Knights of Columbus the Croton Rotary Club And to our all-volunteer Croton Fire Department-- Croton EMS-- don't know what we'd do without you.

8. Special thanks to all of Croton's businesses who have often had to contend with far too much nonsense from the "never satisifed" crowd--but nevertheless continue to support our schools, sports programs and other local causes whenever they can (see

9. Special thanks to all those we may have forgotten who volunteer in some capacity for the greater good in our village.

10. Special thanks to the hard-working volunteers of THE CROTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY and the village's assorted boards and committees.

In short, thank you everyone for doing more than just complaining--and doing it selflessly! Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017.

Maria, your editor at EverythingCroton


  1. And thanks to you, Maria, for letting us all know what great people we have in Croton!