Thursday, July 7, 2016


Today we depart a bit from vintage holiday items, to a rare and wonderful find from a previous auction at Croton's own SERIOUSTOYZ.COM - Selcol in England released this totally 'fab' Ringo drum set in 1964 during the height of Beatlemania. 

The drum skin features Ringo’s face, his hands holding a drumstick, and his printed autograph....The original cardboard box contains the inner cardboard packing and the “New Beat” paper label with the Beatles faces and the “Ringo Starr Drum Set” label on the top. 

The set sold for $3,360 at auction. Click on the photo; stay tuned for tuned for upcoming auction news.

Some second "looks"... to the reader looking for a traditional Scottish egg nog recipe, you've come to the right place

Putz village in old suitcase; actually a clever way to display we think

It's a 1950's Christmas, a collection of photos over at Flickr from bluwmongoose

ALL of Steve's mini ornament putz houses in one shot! Click on the link and keep scrolling down the page

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