Tuesday, January 26, 2016


While this article is from 2015, it's food for thought: STAMFORD- You might have heard CL&P's electric rates jumped 26 percent last month in Connecticut. So is it time to shop around for an alternative electric provider? One of  them promises to save you money while you save the environment, but it may be promising more than it can deliver. The company, called Viridian Energy, is dealing with a civil lawsuit in Maryland and is the subject of more than 100 complaints in Connecticut since 2012. So Fox CT took a closer look. (The actual legal documents are also available.) Read more here http://fox61.com/2015/02/25/fox-ct-investigates-ct-energy-company-accused-of-misleading-customers/


  1. I don't want any part of any energy program other than Con Ed.

    1. I'm not interested in this at all. Sorry Leo.

  2. You know I don't understand this CCA or why the Dems are so desperate (and nasty) to pass it. The board has changed. The people have spoken. If people liked their ideas, they'd still be in charge. They're not.

  3. @peter: in fairness, the Croton United candidates did not take a position against the CCA, and it was not a major campaign issue. There are some problems with CCA, and more to the point there are concerns about the parent entity (Sustainable Westchester)and its grandiose plans. If this really was simply to buy electricity in bulk, it would have a lot more support. As you correctly observe, the Dems are being very nasty, and their tactics are why I started speaking out on this issue in the last few days. Regardless of your views on CCA or SW, nobody should be bullied into signing petitions or cursed out in the Municipal Building hallway, and the fact that proponents of a particular view believe they must intimidate people into support is powerful evidence that they should be rejected.