Thursday, September 3, 2015


So much has hit the Everything Croton mailbag, it's hard to know where to start. We'll do our best...

There are some old photos that really speak to you; the beautiful Victorian woman to the right is one of them--and was so meant to be shared.

She's followed by something completely different: a 1922 ad for the Daisy Air Rifle. 

We also learned today that Daisy Outdoor Products (known primarily as Daisy) was formed in 1888 to manufacture windmills. As a sales promotion, they started providing air guns with the purchase of each windmill--they were so popular, they began offering them for sale and the rest is history! Read more here

And that's followed by another great putz house by Karl Fey; we can't stop looking at the clock house - just love the curved fence on this one.

Click on the photos and enjoy.

Yep, some of us have started decorating for autumn--and that means Halloween villages! Here are some links to appropriately themed paper models and putz houses:

---From PaperMau: Miniature haunted paper models by Ravensblight:

--Lucy's houses

--Welcome to Spook Hill putz house project page

--Matthew's 2010 Halloween decorations

--This guy does some really neat stuff! Check out the holiday/cardboard world of Mr. Bindlegrim

And an oldie but goodie from Rob and Monica's "saling" adventures in 2014: GOODBYE SEPTEMBER


  1. That photo is gorgeous and how interesting that she is only wearing one long glove, but what really gets me is the headpiece and the giant feather fan.

  2. That Daisy air rifle as is so cool and I love all of those Putz houses!
    And, thanks for re-posting Goodbye September. (Rob)