Wednesday, August 19, 2015


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CROTON'S SERIOUS TOYZ IS IN THE NEWS AGAIN - Highlights from the latest ANTIQUE TOYS WEEKLY: Once again, completely Serious.

--Tom Miano re–launches Serious Toyz™, and promises exciting things ahead. CROTON ON HUDSON, NY: Last June, after almost 20 years on his own, Serious Toyz™ owner Tom Miano received an offer to join one of the major auction houses as head of their new Pop Culture division. The relationship ended after only five short months. 

--“I realized pretty quickly that it simply wasn't a good fit”, said Miano. “After 20 years of doing business a certain way, I knew I was better off on my own.” As a result, Miano has decided to re–launch the ‘Serious Toyz’ brand... 

--As for exactly how they do business, Miano has decided to ‘lift the curtain’ on his long–time operation...“I arrange for the consignments, pick them up; I take every photo myself; research and write most descriptions, and personally grade every item....“Of course, I do get a lot of timely help from my family and friends, and there is no way I could pull this off without them. But ultimately, I am personally responsible for everything. Yes, it takes me a while to pull together an auction, but I will not cut corners. I take the responsibility of selling a lifelong collection quite seriously”....“and each sale is the absolute best I can make it.” 

--Obviously, consignors have decided he is worth the wait...(Your editor's note--click on the photo). “In addition to our regular toy & collectible auctions, which feature both character toys and vehicle toys, I have a number of more specialized events coming up, including Japanese market character toys, entertainment and sports memorabilia, gum cards, die–cast vehicles, advertising items, political collectibles, pin back buttons, comic books, and more. One of my goals is to have smaller auctions more often, with at least two coming up before the year ends.” (dates TBA soon).

FOR MORE INFO: Contact Tom Miano - Specific auctions and dates will be announced soon...WWW.SERIOUSTOYZ.COM or call for updates (Toll Free) 866 OLD TOYZ (international: +914-271-8699)


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