Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We so seldom get to see this toy robot in such pristine condition--and with the box no less--that we just had to share--it's the official LOST IN SPACE ROBOT, 1977, made by AHI, Hong Kong--and featured in a previous auction at Croton's own 

It sold for $251.00 by the way.

It's followed by a great 1955 ad for Noma Christmas lights; we've dissected it into two parts so you can appreciate all the vintage goodness!  Click on the photos.

Fab J Chien Church bank - J. Chein & Company was a toy company founded in 1903 by Julius Chein in 1903 in a loft in New York City. Their first toys were premiums made for Cracker Jack and even through a series of ups and downs, managed to stay in businesss as a toy making company until 1979 when toy making ceased entirely. Today, after decades of changing hands, the corporate heir to the rights is the U.S. Can Company who continues to make stamped metal products. See more here

Main Street USA—wonderful vintage postcards: and - putzing inspiration for sure  

Made in Japan over the top kitschiness!

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  1. Robot trivia: Robbie the robot in Lost in Space was an update - on the same chassis - of the robot costume used in Forbidden Planet. In the first REAL Star Wars movie (now called Episode IV, go figure), Lucas showed a glimpse of a clone of the original robot in the scene where the Jawas are herding the robots off their freighter for inspection. In later video releases, MGM sued to have the robot taken out of the scene. Brewster Rocket, a daily newspaper comic with a science fiction theme included a obsolete robot called "oldbot" who was inspired by the same Forbidden Planet robot. MGM filed a Cease and Desist order forcing him to change the appearance of the character. So if you have one of these, guard it with your life. :-)

    1. Didn't know that. Wow. Thanks.

  2. love your vintage posts, mary