Saturday, July 18, 2015


A really great post from our friends @ EUROPEAN FILM STAR POSTCARDS--all about GOLDFINGER (1964), with Sean Connery at his best as James Bond. (Click on the photo to see a Spanish postcard with Connery and the very stylish Honor Blackman.)

"Goldfinger (Guy Hamilton, 1964) is the quintessential episode in the James Bond series, filled with thrills, girls and danger. It was the third episode and the third to star suave and ultra-cool Sean Connery as agent 007. Everything seemed to be right, the stunts, the sets, the score, the gadgets, and a wonderful cast."

Read--and see--much more here

And how about the great Shirley Bassey singing the title song:


  1. My parents wouldn't let me see this film (I was 12) so a bunch of us snuck down to White Plains. Heh heh.

  2. Don De, I never did see it in the theater. I DID see the first two, but we lived in a small town that the movies didn't all reach. Dr. No and From Russia with Love are still my favorite all time Bond Films. Although the first Daniel Craig film was pretty good. . . . And the beat goes on. . .