Thursday, June 25, 2015


A resident writes: "A supporter of the current board says that Trustee Gallelli never retracted any statements that she made about other organizations wanting to take over the Gouveia property and that the Town of Cortlandt was in fact very interested in the site. The supporter said that this retraction never happened and was a lie being made up by "agents of the Republican party".  Can you please re-post the facts so I can send it to this person.Thank you for your time."

Editor's Note: Here it is; to our knowledge, Trustee Gallelli did not dispute the content of this article from THE EXAMINER NEWS by F.A. Butcher; here is their website: 

The meeting is also on videotape.   

MAY 24, 2011, THE EXAMINER NEWS, TRUSTEE GALLELLI RETRACTS STATEMENTS THAT THE TOWN OF CORTLANDT AND THE OPEN SPACE INSTITUTE WANTED THE GOUVEIA PROPERTY: "During the May 16 meeting Trustee Ann Gallelli retracted comments she had made previously that led the public to believe that the Town of Cortlandt and the Open Space Institute wanted the Gouveia property... She publicly admitted that neither party has an interest in the property." 

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