Monday, July 17, 2017


Q: I wish this blog wouldn't focus so much on eating food that isn't good for you. If the village is ever going to move forward and attract a business like Trader Joe's we have to show them that we are willing to make a commitment to good eating.  We need officials to start setting better diet examples.

A: Wow. We've been down this road before...Normally your editor wouldn't respond to something like this but...

First Trader Joe's will never come to Croton. We don't fit the geographic, population or other demographics. They have said so. In addition, we don't get to decide what other people eat--and as for our officials setting a better "diet example"...sheesh....

In short, Croton residents don't "have" to commit to anything--and the idea that a place like Trader Joe's will only come to Croton if we make some sort of "collective" visible commitment to your definition of "good" food is  somewhat grandiose to put it kindly.

That beng said, there are plenty of choices for the vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and locally-sourced folks.  Or in the alternative, you can open your own business--or find another blog that appeals to your dietary lifestyle. Here however, are some links you may enjoy:



--COOKIE'S SWEET CORN IS ARRIVING SOON; locally sourced blueberries, melons, peaches, plums, strawberries as well. 1360 Albany Post Road; 271-5129, Croton Country Gardens

--CROTON'S FARMERS MARKET OPEN FOR THE 2017 SEASON, a photo album courtesy of Croton United


  1. ...and they can start by supporting the Farmers' Market.

  2. Please tell me that this is a joke. Also, last time I checked, Trader Joe's had plenty of junk food. You can even overdo it at the local farmer's markets if you eat too many organic cookies. Long story short, if you want to eat healthily, then go for it without assuming that other people don't. We live in a town that has PLENTY of options for both healthy and non-healthy eating. But it all comes down to you and how you yourself eat. If you have no idea how to eat healthily and need the government to tell you how to do it, there are other places around the world that would be happy to show you. You might also want to consult a dietician if you need extra help.