Monday, July 24, 2017


Q: Anything new on the Nappy property on Benedict? After all, the blanket rezoning of the area was supposed to get us all these great shops and make it easy for an owner to turn a profit. All I see now is a chain link fence and nothing happening. Also do they pay less taxes now that it is just an empty lot?

A: AS OF APRIL 2017--it was announced at a previous board meeting that the current (still???) owner had abandoned plans to develop it because he saw no way to make the building profitable. It is allegedly back on the market in its current state. As always you should direct your questions to proponents of the re-zoning, at least those who still live here, (and who also brought you the Dairy Mart construction), consult the planning board records, check the village's meeting minutes, etc. You can also read more about the site (yes, all the way to 2014)

As for your tax question, you should direct it to the Village Manager, Janine King


Q: I wish we had a place in town where we can get children's books, crafting items, educational, that sort of thing. Do you know if there are any plans to open up this kind of business in town?  A hobby store would be nice.

A: Actually there are plenty of places in the village already:

--FEED THE BIRDS has an entire back room dedicated to such pursuits; click on the link

--SUNSHINE & CLOVER, lots of crafting and artsy items,

--THE CROTON FREE LIBRARY, get your "card" today

--As for a hobby store, the village had one: GALLIMODS II; it was not supported and closed just a few short years ago. 

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  1. We loved Gallimods but for some reason, it just didn't catch on (like the toy store at Treasures & Tales and Wondrous Things). It has been my experience that some people just use Amazon a lot but still want stores to "be there" for them when they forget to order something. That's not the way it works. They also have to stop expecting Amazon prices from Mom and Pop stores.