Wednesday, July 19, 2017


HUD Capitulates - Westchester's Zoning Is Not Exclusionary - July 18, 2017- After seven years, the most contentious element of Westchester’s affordable housing settlement with the federal government has been resolved favorably for the county. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has accepted Westchester’s analysis that did not find any exclusionary zoning in the county.

Resolution of the zoning issue protects home rule with respect to local land use decisions and overcomes the county’s last major hurdle under the settlement, which was signed by former County Executive Andrew Spano and approved by the Board of Legislators in 2009.

The zoning controversy stemmed from a portion of the settlement that required the county to submit a review of obstacles to fair housing, known as an Analysis of Impediments, or AI, that was acceptable to HUD. Ordinarily, preparation of an AI is routine. But not in Westchester’s case. Despite thousands of pages of objective data and two independent reviews supporting the finding of no evidence of exclusionary zoning across Westchester, HUD rejected 10 AI’s submitted by the county. HUD had taken the novel and aggressive view that routine zoning measures, such as limits on height, density…READ MORE HERE

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  1. To think we have elected officials who are unhappy about this decision. Party over common sense. The count susidy per apartment is $290,000!